Why Mobile Grooming

Do you want a clean pet without all the hassle?

Why Mobile Grooming ?

SKY PAWS Mobile, you’re guaranteed an exceptional grooming experience without leaving the comfort of your home.
SKY PAWS Mobile is a quality pet grooming service that offers an exceptional cleaning experience for your pet in the comfort and safety of your home. Your pet is part of the family, and should be treated as such. That’s why we never use cages or harsh chemicals during the cleaning process. We use products that are environmentally friendly and bring a highly organized, professional approach to animal grooming.
They are also climate controlled for all weather. Elderly pets that are difficult to take to the groomers are groomed at your home, also pets that do not like other animals and the stressful situation in most groom shops. Also nervous pets benefit as their owners can be there with them.

Why SKY PAWS Mobile Grooming?

We pride ourselves on our innovative mobile design, heated hydro-bath, and our SKY PAWS Mobile grooming service which assures that your pet has a complete and comfortable experience every time.
We offer a comprehensive 15 step cleaning for all breeds of Cats and Dogs. Every pet gets three full brush outs before, during, and after a complete shampoo and conditioning. After a gentle towel dry by hand, we trim your pets sanitary area and paw pads. With a final brush and fluff out, a little fragrance, and a treat, we bring your pet right back to your front door. It’s almost as if they never left! For a complete breakdown of the cleaning process, give us a call or make an appointment!


Mobile grooming, particularly SKY PAWS Mobile, benefits your pet and you in many different ways. Less stress on your pet as they are in their own environment and less hassle for you as it allows you to be at home doing other things. Alternatively, we can come while you are at work, just like a cleaning service. Some groomers also do evening appointments as our Vans have lighting.


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